Resolve to Sleep More — How I Plan to Make My Days More Productive

The new research convinced me to change my sleep habits

Dew Langrial


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My alarm goes off, my eyes are heavy, and I want another bite of sleep in my warm blanket but I’m trained to value my job more.

I get up, go to the washroom, and think my cup of coffee will cure the grogginess and the lack of sleep. I look forward to catching up on the lost sleep at the weekend.

We have all been through such days. We believe that we can work fine even if we sleep for six hours. This is how we gradually become sleep-deprived.

“Depriving yourself of sleep will shorten your life,” says Professor Mathew Walker, the author of Why We Sleep. “Not getting enough sleep is nothing to be proud of.”

Waking up, getting stressed, and facing the day hurts the mind and body — it’s catabolic. We sleep to restore our systems — and sleep is anabolic. During sleep, hormones tell my body, “she is ready for repairs and upgrades.”

If I get high-quality sleep, I’d feel fresh in the morning. If the quality or the quantity of sleep is not right, I’d feel tired and groggy. But this year, I resolve to change my sleep habits.

In an interview with Tom Bilyeu, Shawn Stevenson discusses how sleep is even more important than diet and exercise if you want to live a healthy balanced life.

According to one study, sleep-deprived individuals mess up their lives because their cognitive performance goes down. Your dumbed-down version has little chance to succeed in life.

The hustle culture tells us to sleep when we are dead. It’s unfortunate. Around 73% of teenagers and 32% of adults are sleep-deprived, according to CDC. If you follow this guide with me, I promise you’ll be ahead of your competition in a week. This is the ultimate hack.

“You will factually work better, be more efficient, and get more stuff done when you’re properly rested.” — Shawn Stevenson

“I feel fine after six hours of sleep,” I often tell myself. But it’s a catch-22 situation. My lack of sleep impairs my judgment. Until I decide to sleep more, I’ll always think I’m fine with six hours of sleep.



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