How to Best Use Rule of One Publication for Your Benefit

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Dew Langrial


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You generally write what you want to write.

The best way to use Rule of One is to come up with profound insights about your topic of interest and write a story in less than 207 words.

Take it as a challenge:

Can you convince someone that you are a good writer in less than a minute?

But make those 207 words shine like gems. One method is to write the way you generally write and edit very strongly. Keep removing and restructuring sentences till you are satisfied.

207 words means one minute of reading.

You can use Rule of One as a place for your deeper insights, and for in-depth reading, the readers would intuitively know where to go.

You can embed as many links to your other stories as you like without hurting the unity of thought or the core idea. For example, you can see this story here.

Since you would be writing about topics of your liking, it should not be hard to come up with 207 words that can lead to your other amazing stories.



Dew Langrial

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