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The successful know that their efforts will become significant as they move forward

Blue Moon, lunar lander replica, at the Washington Convention Center, with Jeff Bezos standing in front of it
Blue Moon, lunar lander replica, at the Washington Convention Center, with Jeff Bezos standing in front of it
Blue Origin, working with NASA, is aiming to go to the moon by 2024 — Image by Dave Mosher

Big things start small because we can’t understand a complicated task unless we break it down into bite-size chunks. Our minds can process only one item at a time. We have to start small.

I read something similar in an interview where Jeff Bezos was discussing his experiences during Amazon’s growth phase. He said, “The biggest oak starts from an acorn, and if you want to do anything new, you’ve got to be willing to let that acorn grow into a little sapling and then finally into a small tree, and maybe one day it will be a big business on its own. …

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The writers have only ten seconds to persuade the reader

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If the modern reader does not find a piece interesting, she can quit within ten seconds. Image by rawpixel

Everyone can say whatever they like on the blogging and social media platforms. The readers have to decide whether they want to read an article or not.

They like to skim and scan an article before deciding to read it.

Professor Maryanne Wolf, Director of the Center for Dyslexia at UCLA, says that skimming is the new normal, and it is affecting the society profoundly. She explains in an article in The Guardian, “When the reading brain skims texts, we don’t have time to grasp complexity, to understand another’s feelings or to perceive beauty. …

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You have to challenge the idea of a stereotypical hero

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Image by AD_Images from Pixabay

Whether it is Nietzsche’s superior human or Jerry Siegel’s Superman — who first appeared in American comic books published by DC Comics in 1938 — the idea of a super-human has been here for a long time now. To be a hero, you have to understand what it means to be a hero — and unlearn the popular meaning of the word.

Superhero movies, in our modern world, are a magical part of our childhood. A study suggests that even infants recognize heroic acts.

Do you remember how you felt about the superheroes when you were a child? At that age, the superhero stories are easy to believe. But when you accept that there are people who can do crazy things, you feel inspired to act like them.

Is it true that curation is no longer important

A match stick with some smoke
A match stick with some smoke
Image by Briam Cute from Pixabay

Some of the writers on Medium are saying that curation is not important anymore. But the explanation given by Medium staff is vague and confusing.

First, we’ll explore what is relational media and then we’ll dissect the explanation to reach a conclusion about whether Medium has really pulled the plug on its curation program:

Part 1: The main question is: what is relational media?

This was explained by Evan Williams in one of his posts:

“Among other ways, the internet has changed media consumption along a spectrum that you might call relational to transactional.”

In simple words, the readers on the internet don’t care who has written the article they are reading. They just read it — a one-time transaction — and forget everything about the writer — they fail to create a relationship with the writer.

Read these top 10 writers and help them fight their self-doubt

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Image by Andrej Podobedov from Pixabay

When you start writing, a stream of thoughts begins that tells you that your writing style is not good enough.

As time passes, you don’t even hear the chatter; self-doubt runs in the background — like a state of mind — forever assuring you that you do not have what it takes to be a writer.

You can’t get rid of it. You hope self-doubt would lessen with time, but it doesn’t unless you write and go into a state of flow. I have read a lot about it, and I think this is the way our minds work.

For example, Jordan Peterson, a clinical psychologist, says in one of his books, “The self-denigrating voice in the minds of people weaves a devastating tale. Life is a game. Worthlessness is the default condition. What but willful blindness could shelter people from such withering criticism?” Perhaps this self-doubt — that leads us to criticize ourselves has a purpose. But overcoming it is necessary, and it needs…

Becoming acquainted with these 10 brilliant writers will benefit you in your writing life

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Image by Nina Stock from Pixabay

I always stop writing when I want to write the perfect sentence. Writing does not go from 0 to 1000 words in 3.5 seconds like the new Tesla Y model goes from 0 to 60 miles per hour. Writing happens in sentences. Sometimes the sentences consist of only two words:

“Start writing.”

This two-word sentence can change the life of a writer. It can give him an outline of what he or she is supposed to edit and refine — or throw away. Francis Bacon said, “Writing makes a man — or a woman — perfect.” …

Reading, highlighting, and appreciating these top 10 writers is going to make you a better writer

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Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

If you are a writer, you have a dream. It probably goes like this: “I want to be a great writer to earn a lot of money.” Or it could have been like this: “I want to write excellent stories.”

The money always makes its move. Initially, it doesn’t distract you, but when you have to pay the bills, it distracts you from doing the real work — that work is writing.

You continuously live your dream in your head. Since you are not earning big bucks, you start doubting yourself. Writing — your real work — becomes too hard for you. …

Follow these top 10 writers, they are going to be big names in the near future

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Image by THE 5TH from Pixabay

Writing is hard. Looking for the perfect start, researching for the body, and finishing at just the right time is tough. But as you read more, you learn.

Knowing more increases your self-confidence; your sentences showcase your confidence. If you are writing about a topic that is close to your heart, you’ll make your readers cry or laugh or think.

The hardest part is telling stories from your life — you believe people should know about your experiences to see a reality other than their own. But you are not sure that what you have to say is relevant. …

Supporting 10 different writers daily is easy — Illumination-Curated

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Images by Thought Catalog and Robert Balog from Pixabay

A good writer makes many decisions when she begins to write. According to William Zinsser, countless successive decisions go into every actor of writing.

You have to decide the topic you want to write about — it is the most important decision. But after that, you decide every sentence, every perspective, and every word. You have to choose your voice, purpose, depth, and length as well.

The completion of your first draft is the first step, but you still have to organize your story. Editing the article in a way that you are satisfied is a challenge. …

Become a friend of these 10 brilliant writers

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Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

When you write, you are ordering words. Like an architect, you use your words to create a meaningful construction — of ideas. But words don’t always play well. You experience blocks sometimes.

You’ll figure out the way you want to write in time. You start writing fearfully and boldly keep on chiseling your way out through your writing blocks. You write a good story, and then you work hard, but the result seems average. But you are always learning to write.

When you start seeing the path you want to take — thought the way is not clear — you want to find your words carefully. You start seeing new angles. …


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